Our lab is growing!  We will soon be advertising for a two year post-doc with experience in urban biodiversity, species distribution modelling and R, and a PhD position on invasive species and climate change. Please send CVs to Linda.

Meet our members:

Post-doctoral fellows:

John Baumgartner

Manuel Esperon-Rodriguez


Ben Ofori, PhD candidate (co-supervised with Adam Stow): Climate change and local extinctions: Can Cunningham's Skinks Egernia cunninghami stand the test of time?

Mohasin Haque, PhD candidate (co-supervised with Rachael Gallagher and David Nipperess): A legacy of sampling: exploring spatial and temporal patterns of occurrence records in Australia's Virtual Herbarium.

Sabira Sultana, PhD candidate (co-supervised with John Baumgartner): What does climate change mean for the ecology, invasiveness and management of the Queensland Fruit Fly?

Anindita Roy, PhD candidate (co-supervised with Drew Allen): Bird migration and climate change

Farzana Raihan, PhD candidate (co-supervised with Maina Mbui): Implications of climate change for the Upper Halda Basin, Southeastern Bangladesh

Mareshell Wauchope, MRes Candidate (co-supervised with David Nipperess): Using species distribution models to guide field surveys for the long-footed potoroo.


Toni Mizerek, PhD (2016) (primary supervisor Joshua Madin)

Yasmin Hagaar, PhD (2015)

Anindita Roy, Masters of Research (2015)

Mohasin Haque, Masters of Research (2014)


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